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About Counselling. Depressed man

About Counselling

I offer counselling and psychotherapy to adults all ages, young people and couples and also currently offer reduced fees of £45 per session for children and adolescents as I have just completed a training in Child, Adolescence and Family Psychotherapy. I also offer couple counselling and clinical supervision to counselling trainees using an integrative model of supervision. I have some concessionary slots for people on low income/benefits or trainee counsellor. I offer early morning (8 or 8.30 am) as well as early evening (5pm, 6pm, 7pm or 8pm) appointments.

About Counselling. depressed woman

I help with issues such as:

Do You Experience Low Mood, Low Self Esteem, Feel Suicidal Or Think Negative ?

Do You Worry About The Future, Suffer From Phobias, Fear Of Flying, Panic Attacks, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Or Sleeping Problems?

Did You Experience Being Bullied, Traumatic Incidents, Childhood Abuse Or Rape?

Eating Disorder such as Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating and Emotional Eating:
Why can't you stop eating or why can't you stop starving yourself?

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Stress Management:
Do You Suffer From Stress At Work Or Exams Stress?

Life Changes:
How Do You Cope With An Illness Or Disability, A Midlife Crisis, Getting Older or Redundancy? Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Personal & Professional Development?

Bereavement And Loss:
Are You Suffering From Depression Following A Death Of A Loved One, Job Loss, Redundancy, And Divorce Or Relationship Breakup?

Relationship Problems:
Do You Always Argue? Don't Know How To Talk To Each Other Any More? Are You Feeling Anxious Of Breaking Up? Did You Just Broke Up And feel Terrible Lonely, Don't Know Where To Turn To?

Counselling for Adolescence

The period of Adolescence
In order to help young people effectively it is important to understand the nature of their stage in life and the developmental processes that are involved. Once we have this understanding, we can use a counselling approach that is specifically designed to parallel their developmental process and to take account of normal communication processes used by young people. By doing this, there is synchrony between the counselling process and the adolescent’s own experiences. This enables the counsellor to join appropriately with the young person to achieve a mutually beneficial working relationship.
Adolescence is the period of human development during which a young person must move from dependency to independence, autonomy and maturity. The young person moves from being part of a family group to being part of a peer group and to standing alone as an adult
We need to remember that young people are not children and they are not adults: they are in transition.
(Geldard, Kathryn. Counselling Adolescents: The Proactive Approach for Young People (p. 77). SAGE Publications. Kindle Edition)

Parents might encounter several difficulties when trying to support their adolescents such as

  • Difficulties in communicating or even getting through to them
  • Getting mostly an angry response from your adolescents
  • Difficulties in forming an agreement or compromise with the adolescents
  • My adolescent son or daughter is taking drugs or mixing with the ‘wrong’ crowd
  • My adolescent daughter has angry outbursts or seems to be withdrawn
  • Difficulties with education: problems with attendance, concentration or exam stress etc

    If you are a parent and encounter any of these problems with your child, please do not hesitate to contact me for an initial chat over the phone which is free of charge. I also offer reduced fees of £45 per session for parenting advise, which might be beneficial before your child or adolescent has their first counselling session, during treatment whenever needed or on it's own.
    My standard fee for individuals is £50 during the day and £55 for evening sessions after 5pm, couple £55 for 50 minutes or £80 for 75 minutes. I also have some reduced fee places for people on low income or benefits

    Please esquire about exact time and date by calling: 07904 554468 or emailing : [email protected]

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